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Princeton Professor Comes to Alarming Conclusion on How Climate Change Activists Are Doing It Wrong

Dr. William Happer, a Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, gives his views why he believes carbon dioxide is not the pernicious substance it is being made out to be in discussions about “climate change.”

Happer, who has published significant research on atomic physics, discusses not only the scientific community’s inability to explain 18 years without astatistically significant rise in global temperature averages, but the benevolence of higher carbon dioxide levels and increased warming in ahistorical context.


The professor notes that there is widespread intentional conflation of the natural organic molecule carbon dioxide and actual man-made pollution. The Supreme Court of the United States has even ruled carbon dioxide a “pollutant” so that the Environmental Protection Agency can regulate its emissions.

Happer also condemns pollution in the big picture, while acknowledging that manmade carbon dioxide emissions contribute ‘a little’ to increased global temperatures. The main greenhouse gas in the climate is, as NASA explains,water vapor.

Just to clarify further, all Americans want cleaner air and water, but the way to get those public goods is through valid and well-understood science and rational policy; not hyperbolic claims that turn out decades later to still be untrue.

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